Guinevere Turner mines her communal past for portrait of Manson women in ‘Charlie Says’

“I was really trying to answer the question: How did he get them [to join the cult] and get them to do these horrible things?” said Turner. “I started reading about human trafficking and sex trafficking. This one guy, a human trafficker, said the most profound thing that has stuck with me [and I used in] the script. He said: ‘I go to a mall. I see a bunch of teenage girls hanging out. I insinuate myself in the conversation. I tell a girl she has pretty eyes. She says,”‘Thank you.” I move on to the next one. Finally, when I find the girl and say, “You have pretty eyes” and she says, “No. I don’t,” that’s my target.’ Isn’t that bone-chilling?”

Misguided doctors and bad information are fueling the return of measles

Community immunity, the shield that protects babies and others who cannot be vaccinated, requires that the people surrounding them at school and in their communities are vaccinated. Although the state-wide vaccination rate is improving, there are too many schools without this so-called herd immunity, because of vaccination rates below 90% and even below 50%.

No more sales taxes on diapers and tampons under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget

Newsom, who will submit a revised state budget to the Legislature on Thursday, said he will also double the size of his earlier proposal to create a new income tax credit for low-income parents. And he said he will seek to expand an array of child care services, some of which would be funded by taxes collected on the sale of legalized marijuana.

15 chiropractors charged in alleged $6-million insurance fraud and kickback scheme

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said the ringleader, Yury Chernega of Studio City, referred patients to one of 14 Southern California chiropractors in exchange for a referral fee. During a three-year period, Chernega collected roughly $6 million, according to prosecutors. Charges include fraud and embezzlement allegations in which Chernega took more than $500,000 from roughly 30 insurance companies.

Los Angeles trial begins for man also facing charges in 1993 stabbing death of Glenview teen

One night in August of that year, Tricia Pacaccio, 18, was celebrating her high school graduation with friends before they each headed off to college. She was bound for Purdue University, where she’d earned an engineering scholarship. She dropped a peer off about 1 a.m. before heading home. She walked up to her door carrying her house key, but never made it inside.