British police are treating the incident as ‘terror-related as a precaution,’ and confirmed that one man was shot by police

Police and emergency services are responding to incident at London Bridge on Friday afternoon.

The areas on both side of the bridge are usually quite busy, with many offices, restaurants and bars nearby. London Bridge itself is one of the UK capital’s main transport hubs with thousands of people traveling through it every day. The incident took place just hours before city workers clock off for the week and head to the station for their train home.

National Security analyst Peter Bergen describes London Bridge as one of the city’s “iconic places.”

“There’s great concern about this particular location, London Bridge, where two years ago there was a terrorist incident where eight people were killed on London Bridge and at the nearby Borough Market,” he tells CNN.

“Interestingly, the British authorities had recently lowered the terrorism alert from severe to substantial — severe means an attack is highly likely and substantial means the risk is lower — so if indeed this does turn out to be terrorism British authorities will have to explain why they so recently lowered the alert to that level.”

He added: “It’s one of these iconic places in London. That could just be a coincidence, but if you want to make some sort of statement you go to these iconic places knowing it’s going to get more attention and more coverage.”