Health Department shuts down Tehachapi’s Blue Ginger Pho for dead cockroaches, grease buildup

Blue Ginger Pho restaurant in Tehachapi was closed Tuesday after the Kern County Public Health Services Department observed violations during an inspection.

According to the department’s Inspection Violations Report, the popular restaurant, located at 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Suite D, was found to have dead cockroaches in numerous areas of the restaurant, “severe” grease buildup on the filters in the exhaust hood, on the floor and equipment, and a pot of soup on the kitchen floor without a lid.

In addition, a box of frozen raw meat was found sitting out in the kitchen prep area and no sanitizer was found in the three-compartment sink and no sanitizer buckets were observed in the kitchen prep area.

According to the report, the owners, manager and cooks did not demonstrate the ability to care for the facility and protect it against vermin.

Blue Ginger Pho received an inspection score of 67 percent. The restaurant was previously shut down last July after inspectors found no hot water for cleaning equipment and utensils or warm water for washing hands.