Houchin Community Blood Bank to unveil the ‘Big Red Bus’

Houchin Community Blood Bank will unveil a new addition to its line of mobile blood buses with their new ‘Big Red Bus’ on Monday.

The unveiling will take place at 10 a.m. at 11515 Bolthouse Drive, according to the blood bank.

The new bus will be the fourth addition to the center. It will allow Houchin to serve more donors and locations throughout Kern County, according to the blood bank. 

“We live in the third largest county in California, and the blood donations from our local communities provide 100 percent of the blood to all of Kern County,” said Dr. Brad Bryan, President and CEO of Houchin Community Blood Bank. “From Frazier Park to Ridgecrest to Delano and everywhere in between, we use our fleet of buses to provide convenience to those willing to donate blood and help save lives in our county.”

Houchin was able to make the purchase in part by donations from the Harry and Ethel West Foundation, and the Ben H. and Gladys Arkelian Foundation, according to the blood bank.